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Drop Project

Weight loss.  Made.  Simpler.

Weight Loss Program

Our Drop Project makes it easier.

Losing weight can be challenging, frustrating and emotionally draining. Many would even go so far as to say, “I just can’t do it.” We strive to envision ourselves lighter but have difficulty truly mastering the skills and tools necessary to be successful. Saratoga Health and wellness has created a 12 week, intensive, team-oriented weight loss program built for you by a certified nutritionist and an exercise physiologist. Interested? Click to schedule a phone consult or an in-person no pressure meeting.  Or continue reading below for pricing and details.

Exercise physiologist reviewing fitness assessment with client during a results session

Drop Project

Weight Loss with a focus on your lifestyle habits

Drop Project

Getting Started with weight loss

Congratulations on taking this step to consider our DROP! weight loss project. Losing weight isn’t easy, but we’re here to help you navigate your way to success.  Armed with the appropriate knowledge and aided by the right professionals, you’ll be well on your way towards successful, sustained weight loss. First, a couple of things you should know.

Simple Program Definitions

  • Drop: To cause to become less; reduce
  • Weight loss: The process of burning more energy (kilocalories) than you consume to lower body weight.
  • Project: An undertaking requiring a concerted effort.

This is NOT a FAD Diet.
This is NOT a FAD Exercise Plan.

What can you expect from the program?

People gain or lose weight as a consequence of their routine daily lifestyle habits. We will identify your habits and classify them into 3 distinct categories: Exercise, Eating and Coping. Once we identify the lifestyle habits that are preventing you from losing weight, we can then create strategic interventions to address them and get you moving in the right direction once and for all. Remember, this is a PROJECT which will require WORK and a committed effort on your part.


Our DROP project is not a 1-size-fits-all. It’s a highly individualized approach, tailored to your needs and your habits. We realize that every individual is unique. Some people exercise enough but eat too much junk. Others eat healthy, but are extremely sedentary. And still others know how to eat well and exercise right, but have inadequate coping skills which sabotage their plans. They are ‘on again, off again’ dieters. We need to determine where you fall, and then target the specific behaviors that are holding you back.

Accountability and Weight Loss

Most often, people who embark on a diet or exercise plan are left alone and held accountable only to themselves. With our program, we’ll hold you accountable with weekly follow-ups and supportive, constructive guidance. You’re not alone, and we have the tools to keep you moving forward.

Weight Loss Tools

Our program includes simple and effective tools which we’ll utilize over the 12 weeks. Each of these tools will help us to: 1) identify your habits (good or bad), 2) raise awareness about your habits and 3) reinforce the importance of modifying your habits to create a negative caloric balance.


  • Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire
  • Master Exercise Prescription Forms
  • Comprehensive Food Diary
  • Daily Exercise Tracking Forms
  • Weekly Goal Setting Sheets
  • Weekly Weight Tracking Form

Still Reading?  Let us help you navigate

Many of our clients are unsure of where to start.  We’ve got a lot of options and sometimes it may seem confusing.  Rest easy.  We’re good at prioritizing and guiding you into what fits best now and what options may be better served later on down the road.  Let’s get together to see what’s best for you.

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