Check out our New Digs.


We’ve recently moved to 538 Maple Avenue, to a new building that we built to be the long-term home of Saratoga Health & Wellness! We’re thrilled to be just a stone’s throw away from our old location in a much higher visibility spot.  Drop in to see us!

Things are different here.

The prospect of going into the fitness business was not motivated by a few of us wishing to be bigger, stronger, faster or better looking. Sure, we like muscles, but if you’ve got a picture of a body-builder in your mind, please get rid of it.  We’re not just another gym. We’re a wellness center and we build better exercise and nutrition programs in a setting that is laid back, comfortable, non-intimidating, clean, friendly and professional. Click through our site to see what makes us unique. We think you’ll like what you see.  Things really are different here.