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This Halloween don’t let those fun-sized treats trick you! Just how many calories will a single tiny, harmless looking, tasty little morsel will set you back?
When you’re staring into that bag of treats remember this; one fun-sized treat is a 70-200 calorie trick! Not to mention the 4-7 grams of fat & 8-20 grams of sugar that are crammed into that cute little package. Approximately 40% of sugar consumed is stored as fat. So if you’re treating yourself a bit too often those calories will add up to weight gain before you know it. Consuming candy & other foods high sugar & low in nutrients leaves little room for nutrient-dense foods, those which have positive effects on your body & well-being. Under consuming vital nutrients can potentially lead to nutrient deficiencies which can result in a number of health-related problems, including lowered immunity & heart disease.
Keep your candy cravings at bay & treat yourself these mini workouts (see picture) as the kiddos come ringing your doorbell.