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Summer is in full swing here in Saratoga and the beautiful weather can make it hard to come inside to the gym to workout. But exercise doesn’t have to mean bicep curls and walking on the treadmill. While we would love to see you in here at Saratoga Health and Wellness as often as possible, we understand the desire to get outside and want to help you live your healthiest life possible. Here are a few ways to stay fit this summer outside of the gym: 

  1. Find a local hiking trail: With the Adirondacks a stone’s throw away, hiking trails are plentiful around here. Grab some friends and take a hike! It doesn’t have to be challenging to be fun!
  2. Play with the kids: Get outside with your kids or grandkids and throw around the frisbee, baseball, or whatever it is that they like to do! You’ll get moving while getting some quality time in with the kids/grandkids!
  3. Bike somewhere instead of driving: If you don’t have to go to far, hop on a bike instead of getting in the car as your mode of travel. Not only will you get some exercise and fresh air, you’ll be saving money on gas and reducing your carbon footprint!
  4. Park far away: This is a favorite of mine all times of the year but especially during the warmer months. When you’re heading out to the store or doctor’s office or wherever there’s a parking lot, try to park in the farthest spot away from the door. You’ll get more time outside while also increasing your steps (plus it’s less likely that someone will dent your car with their door).
  5. Incorporate morning or evening walks into your schedule: Start off or end your day with a nice walk, whether it’s around the block, or in a nearby park, or even downtown enjoying the shops and people doesn’t matter, just get outside and get moving!

There’s plenty to do in Saratoga in summertime so take advantage of all the nice weather and get outside and get moving! Just remember to stay hydrated!