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Attack those mundane cleaning tasks with some gusto & creativity, you will be surprised by the number of calories you can burn!

Stop making excuses & start spring cLeaning!
WASHING the CAR: Skip the drive-thru & scrub your vehicle the old fashioned way. Do the fireman’s walk; stand tall & carry that bucket of soapy water around the car. Holding the bucket in one hand, make a lap around, then switch hands & complete another lap. Don’t bend, squat instead, as you pick up & lower the bucket, & as you wash the lower part of the car. Don’t forget use both hands to do the washing.
Potential calories burned: 334/hour

SWEEPING: Sweep away that cupcake you ate. Take a few swipes of the broom then throw the broomstick across the back of your shoulders, hold on with both hands & do 20 torso twists. Get the floor clean & your obliques lean.                                                                     Potential calories burned: 270/hour

SCRUBBING the BATHROOM: Likely the most dreaded of all the chores. So crank up the music, sing, dance, but remember under no circumstances is the toilet brush to be used as a microphone…ever! In between wiping down the mirror, scrubbing the sink & scrubbing the tub, stop & complete as many incline pushups (pushups with your hands on the countertop or against the tub) as you can. Just be sure the surfaces are dry first.                         Potential calories burned: 190/hour

VACUUMING: Want clean rugs & lean legs? As you push the vacuum forward do so with a lunge then pull back & stand back up. Continue this pattern, alternating legs, until your rugs are tidy.                                                                                                                                                Potential calories burned: 170/hour

Carpe the calories & get spring cLeaning!

(all calorie estimates are based on a 150lb. person)