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Okay, okay. I know that it doesn’t feel like Spring is here… In fact it’s snowing this very moment. It’s April 17th. WHERE ARE YOU SPRING/SUNSHINE/WARMTH?!?!?! But I figured this would be a great time to do the Spring Cleaning we all know we’re doomed to do eventually, so that when the warm weather does finally come around we’re prepared to take it on full force. Here are some tips to get you off to a fresh start!

Choose Local, In-season Produce

Seasonal produce is packed with nutrients and is typically lighter on your wallet. Choose these Spring favorites to add some variety to your diet:

Try watercress, this peppery green is rich in bone-building vitamin K and will add some kick to salads.  Try broccoli rabe, this bitter green is full of iron and calcium and makes a perfect side dish. Try baby bok choy, this veggie is milder than regular bok choy and may be a powerful cancer-fighter.

 Schedule Screenings and Doctors Appointments

Talk with your doctor to figure out a plan that suits your needs. You’ll typically need a colonoscopy at age 50, a bone density test at age 65, a PAP Test every three years, mammograms every two years, and dental exams every year.

De-clutter the Medicine Cabinet

All medicines should be stored in a cool, dry place (somewhere other than your bathroom). Go ahead and check out the expiration dates and toss anything that smells bad or looks off color. Do this by April 28th for the National Drug Take Back Day.

Allergy-Proof Your House

You can help prevent those spring allergies by washing all household linens, pay close attention to blankets- dust mites love your bedroom just as much as you do. Wipe down ceiling fan blades and window coverings with a cloth and replace furnace filters.  

Replace Your Running Shoes

As if you needed another reason to go shoe shopping… Wear and tear of the material in the heel of your shoe can cause aches and pains that can radiate upwards into your ankles, shins, and knees. The general rule of thumb for replacing a running shoe is every 600 miles of running. Someone running 25 to 30 miles a week should replace their shoes every six months.