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Are you doing the same exercise over & over on the leg press machine? Did you know the leg press is more than a one trick pony? It’s time for you vary your foot position to get more bang for your buck.
Here’s how…
(1.)Use the standard shoulder-width stance with your feet planted in the center of the foot plate to get an overall workout for the lower body. (2.)Take a wider stance to target & strengthen the adductors (inner thighs) or (3.) a narrower stance to target the abductors (outer thighs).
(4.)By moving your feet up higher on the foot plate you can concentrate on the glutes & hamstrings.
(5.)Put the emphasis on the calves (lower legs) by bringing your feet low on the plate & dropping your heels off, so only your toes & the balls of your feet are in contact. Push the foot plate as if you were going stand on your toes, then return to the starting position. In that same position, (6.)turn your toes outward to strengthen the inner calf muscle. (7.)Turn your toes inward to target the outer calf muscle.
Using these varied techniques can help you to build a stronger & more defined base.