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If you want a sustainable lifestyle that will unlock your potential and supercharge your wellness; fuel your body to increase your performance, rather than increasing your performance in order to fuel your body.
When you fuel your body wisely your mind can stay on the task in front of you without being distracted by hunger. Simply put, good, nutrient dense food is the basic stuff our bodies need. So plan your day, plan your meals, and set yourself up for success, not failure. Do so by creating a mindset that will lead to success, which includes making smart, healthy choices. If you make a poor choice once in a while that’s ok. Accept it, move on from it, and get back on the right path. Guilt does not build strength or a better body, so stop beating yourself up. Just do better now! Your last decision may have been poor, but your next one could be a game changer!
Stop earning your food in the gym. Perform in the gym. Fuel your body for life, and go kick some butt.