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Let’s build a stronger body, from the inside-out!

As our bodies age we lose muscle and strength. In order to slow the progression of muscle degeneration we need to supplement our bodies with optimal nutrients.

This is where PROTEIN comes into play!

Give Me The Facts:

More than 40% of the body’s protein is found in skeletal muscle. We need this protein in order to maintain body composition, bone health, glucose homeostasis, body weight, and overall health and function.

How Much Are We Talkin’ Here?

The Recommended Daily Allowance is 0.8 grams of protein / kilogram of body weight / day. However, higher levels are needed for older adults to maintain optimal health, 1.0-1.2 g/kg/day is a more accurate recommendation.

Where Can I Get This Protein?

For the most well-balanced diet choose complete proteins! Complete proteins consist of animal and soy proteins. Most plant based proteins are incomplete and lack the essential nutrients needed for human growth and development.

When Should I Eat This Protein?

On average, adults tend to ingest 46% of their protein intake during dinner and less than half of that amount during breakfast. For optimal health benefits ingest equal amounts of protein between your three main meals!


Perry weighs 200lbs.

Perry should consume ~90 grams of protein every day or about 30 grams per meal.

Use this equation to determine how much protein you should eat per day!

(Your weight) / (2.2) = your weight in kilograms

(your weight in kilograms) * (1.0) = total amount of protein to consume each day